Smash Bros Brawl Music Detailed

Well all know that fantastic multiplayer fighting action is not the only reason why we all love a quick game of Smash Bros every now and then. In fact the selection of different themes on show for each character and each location is way up there on the list and it usually leaves you humming at least one of the themes as you walk away from the game after a solid play session. Well, if you are the humming kind then prepare yourself to be inundated by different choices after you finally get to play Smash Bros Brawl as many of the different people composing, writing and contributing music to the game has been announced on the games official site. It goes without saying that it is a very impressive list.

A quick glance at the list show impressive names such as Akihiro Honda, Asuka Ohta, Hajime Wakai, Jun Fukuda, Yoko Shimomura, Toru Minegishi, Shota Kageyama, Masaaki Iwasaki and many all. These names have worked on many great games like killer7, MGS4, Super Mario Bros, Metroid Fusion, God Hand, WarioWare, Metoes, Nights, Mother 3, Kingdom Hearts, Golden Sun, Pikmin, Luminous Arc and many more. It seems Brawl really will be a treat to the ears when it finally gets released – it’s even got me humming tunes already!