Sly Cooper Thieves Time

Sly Cooper’s first PS3 outing will release this autumn

Sony have announced that Sly Coopper’s fourth outing, Thieves in Time, will release this coming autumn. This will be the first Sly game to release on PS3.

The game was first announced back at E3 2011, with quite a few rumors about the game popping up before the official reveal. As you can guess by the title, time travel will be a core mechanic in the game this time around, with Sly jumping through different time periods to meet his ancestors. It is kinda like Assassins Creed – but with an adorable raccoon as the lead.

Thieves in Time, is the first Sly game not have Sucker Punch Productions at the helm. The game will instead be developed by Sanzaru Games (who previously worked on a PSP effort in the Ratchet & Clank series and The Sly Collection on PS3). Sucker Punch moved onto the more gritty inFamous games over the past few years.

Here’s hoping Sanzaru can continue  Sucker Punch’s great work from the mid-noughties.