Skate possibly coming to DS and Wii


Okay, this news is not 100% clear at the moment but it seems a version of Skate could soon be coming to both the DS and Wii. The news comes from IGN who ran the story earlier today, but then promptly removed it from their site soon thereafter. The article itself did not say much though, and simply revealed that the franchise would be making its way to both Nintendo platforms under the name Skate It.

Even though this is not confirmed yet we are not sure if we want a Wii/DS version of the game. Sure, it would be nice for people who don’t have a PS3/360, but we’d rather a full fledged sequel that added to the great ideas of the original

If you were not with us last year then you may not know we loved the game back in 2007 where we wrote; “It may not be the most accessible game out there, but it is quality, there is no doubting that.

Wow, we were so cool back then! Why not read our review, and get stoked by it man!