Skate It for Wii and DS now official


A few weeks back IGN spilled the beans on the game, but then quickly pulled the story. However, it now seems EA are ready to announce the title and have officially revealed Skate It as a Nintendo platform exclusive. The game incorporates similar ideas from the 360 and PS3 versions of Skate from last year..

Obviously, seeing as the DS and Wii lack dual dual-analog sticks the game will instead use the Wii remote and Nintendo DS touch screen for its skateboarding control. The Wii version will also support the Wii Balance Board as an optional extra, which has got us a bit excited should EA managed to implement it correctly!

Skate It Wii will be worked on at both Black Box Studios and EA Montreal. Skate It DS will also be worked on by Black Box and the UK based DS centric developer Exient will also lend a helping hand.