SKATE Demo Now On Live Marketplace

After almost a weeks delay, EA has finally made the demo of SKATE available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, where it is now available to download. The demo is of the timed variety, and lets gamers mess around for 30 minutes in the community centre skate park are of the game. Also, the demo will introducing players to the new ‘flick-it’ control that SKATE brings to the table.

The save/upload a movie ability, which was the main reason behind the delay, has also made it into the demo so those that download can now edit videos and showcase thier skill to the rest of the world using save films feature.

Finally, if you’re PlayStation 3 only owner, then fear not as your demo is also on the way. In fact, EA have already sent it out to Sony and it is now up to them to decide when it goes live (which is usually a Thursday).