Single Player Only For COD 4 Achievements

With many gamers finding that certain multiplayer based achievements do more harm to online gaming than good, Infinity Ward has taken the step of removing all online achievements from it’s upcoming release of COD 4. The game will instead revert back what was seen in COD 2 and will instead offer 37 achievements for a total of 1000 points based solely on your progress through the single player campaign, the 37 achievements, which possibly contains a spoiler or two, can be seen here.

The main problem behind some online achievements is that many gamers seem to play online with the single minded thought of just getting the achievements in mind, and in turn end up ruining the fun of certain play modes for everyone. In fact, even the likes of the great Gears of War was not immune to this fact with certain points been given out for “Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Torque Bow/Pistol/Hammer of Dawn/Chainsaw” and winning certain ranked matches in a certain way. The likes of GRAW and Perfect Dark Zero were also games that saw people trying to get a certain amount of kills with certain weapons rather than focusing on the big picture of been part of a team.

All in all this must been seen as a good thing, and a step in the right direction of online gaming on the 360, right?