Sin and Punishment Coming To Japan Virtual Console

Nintendo have revealed that Treasure’s Japan-only N64 release Sin & Punishment will be making its way to the Japanese Virtual Console this September. The VC release will be exactly the same as the Nintendo 64’s retail release as it will contain extensive voice acting in English with subtitles in Japanese. However, even in this perfectly acceptable form, it is still unknown if the game will make its way over to the US or Euro VC, thus making everyone blooming miserable just like happened a long seven years ago.

For those not keeping up to date with Sin & Punishment, and thus remaining perfectly happy and oblivious by been unable play it, the game is essentially a rail shooter where players are challenged to fire at enemies, sidestep, roll, jump, or double-jump to avoid attacks and obstacles. The game also boasts manual and lock-on firing modes available at any time, as well as energy sword moves to bounce back enemy projectiles. Oh, and it’s a bloody entertaining game to boot… please let us play it this time!