Sierra Confirms Crash Debut On DS

Vivendi Games subsidiary Sierra Entertainment has today confirmed development on Crash Boom Bang! for Nintendo DS, ahead of a planned released in October 2006. Crash Boom Bang! sees the character race around the world in an attempt to win a multi-million dollar prize by discovering the remains of an ancient city and its wish granting “Super Big Power Stone”. However Dr. Neo Cortex is also in the race to find the stone, leaving players no choice to but to try and the save the world.

Crash Boom Bang! is set to feature a raft of multiplayer features including a betting mode for gambling on the outcome of races, and touch-screen communication, which will allow gamers to ‘speak’ to their rivals on Wi-Fi by choosing from a selection of phrases and sounds. The title will also include over 40 mini-games, and 8 playable characters to choose from.

“Crash Boom Bang! will provide the hilarious antics and fun gameplay that Crash Bandicoot fans have come to love, with a brand-new twist,” said Cindy Cook, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Vivendi Games. “Through the innovative Touch Panel Communication in-game feature that leverages the technology of the Nintendo DS, Crash Boom Bang! will also deliver a uniquely entertaining multiplayer experience unlike any other on the system.