Sierra Announce WET For PS3/360

As Four Wedding and a Funeral once told us, there always comes a point where you’re so wet you can’t get any wetter. Well, over on IGN that time has come, as they have got exclusive access to a brand new Sierra published game, the new game goes simply by the name WET. As you would expect from an exclusive preview the write-up is filled with positive remarks, but after digging through the lines of superlatives some details on the game can be found. The most notable would be the introduction of an intricately detailed heroin, who looks to be the star of the game… she goes by the name Ruby.

As Ruby, who looks like a cross between “Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman,” according to IGN, you get to play through the game in third person perspective, with gameplay similar to that seen in Stranglehold. In fact, it seems like the game shares many aspect with that title as it lets Ruby back-flip and perform other exciting manoeuvres by using the environment to her advantage, such as off sliding backwards down ladders. However, although some gameplay may be similar the story is different as Ruby is working as a mercenary, performing tasks for those willing to give her cash. Also, according to IGN, the game boast a story style similar to that of a Tarantino or Rodriguez movie where flashbacks are used, along with Super-8 film grain effect to five the game a certain style. Unfortunately, the game is currently reported to be only 10% completely, so there is still a very long way to go until release.

For more gameplay details you can read the full story over on IGN.