Ship Date For 360 Version Of Burnout Revenge

Electronic Arts has revealed that Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360 will crash onto US retail shelves for the nationwide on March 7, 2006 (with a European release shortly thereafter). Until then, gamers can visit their favorite video game retailer (including Best Buy, GameStop, WalMart, Target, GameCrazy, Circuit City and Best Buy) for a free Burnout Revenge download – including an exclusive Xbox 360 car, dashboard theme and gamerpic. Gamers simply need to bring their memory card to the retailer, insert their memory card in the Xbox 360 kiosk, go to the Burnout Revenge blade and click the button to download their car, theme and pic. (This service is US exclusive at the moment)

The next-generation debut of 2005’s racing game of the year, Burnout Revenge hits the Xbox 360 with a suite of new online features set to define next-generation automotive anarchy, jaw-dropping high-definition graphics and the retina-searing speed that the Burnout series is famous for. Through Xbox Live, the brand new Live Revenge feature tracks your rivals and calls out those that need some serious payback. Build up relationships with gamers that you take out, or take you down, and then let Live Revenge track your hit list. It’s about long memories and short tempers.