Capcom Ship Catan, Their First N-Gage Title

Nokia announced that it has started shipping Capcom’s first game on the N-Gage platform – Catan. Inspired by Klaus Teuber’s award-winning board game, Settlers of Catan, which has sold over 15 million copies, the N-Gage version finally takes the game mobile. Catan fans now have the opportunity to discover, settle and trade on the go. Catan on the N-Gage platform offers turn-based strategy multiplayer gaming for up to four players via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Catan on the N-Gage platform is highly anticipated by the original board game fans. We believe the new mobile multiplayer version of Catan will be very popular with new fans as well,” said Gregg Sauter, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. “Fans also get great Japanese pop-style artwork, created by well-known illustrator Susumo Matsushita, as well as some very colorful characters.

In Catan gamers can compete with each other to build roads, settlements and cities. Gamers will occupy new land to develop into communities with the aim of expanding their civilization and squeezing out competitors. The N-Gage Arena provides tips and hints to gamers as they roll the dice to get the commodities they need to build new roads, cities and settlements. Players can also upload their high score to the N-Gage Arena. Catan offers a balanced mix of tactic, strategy, interaction and – of course – luck.