Mark Of The Ninja

Shank devs going stealthy for their next XBLA release

Shank 2 may only be a few months old, but Klei Entertainment are not resting on their laurels, and are already well into development on another game. This one is called Mark of the Ninja, and is a 2D stealth/action style game. It looks to have much of the 2D cleverness than both Shank releases had, but with a much slower pace. Based on the short reveal trailer (below) the stark, visceral animation of Shank seem to have migrated well, and arguably looks better with the darker graphical style of Mark of the Ninja.

There are not much more details available on the game as of yet, but Klei seems to be doing a bit of self-promotion, making a clever old school text adventure, which may hint at some of the games story beats.

Microsoft is publishing and funding this one, not EA, so don’t expect a PSN release this time – although if history proves correct maybe PC a release will come few months afterwards.

If everything goes to plan, the game will  release on  XBLA this summer, and seeing as it is an exclusive, it should be a dead cert to be included in the yearly Summer of Arcade promotion.