Shadowrun Cracked To Run On XP

One of the big selling points of the recently released Shadowrun for PC was that it would make use of certain upgrades that running on Windows Vista would bring. Well, it seems that all that hype was just a pack of lies to sell a few more units on the Vista OS as the game has now been cracked by warez and hacking group Razor1911 to play on Windows XP. To make things even worse it has also been found out that the game did not use any of the DirectX10 libraries at all nor did it use any of Vista other exclusive features. In fact, the only facet that stopped gamers playing the game on XP was a simple OS-checker which was ran at install, thanks to the crack this has now been bypassed.

However, things get even worse for MS as apparently performance goes up 30% when the game is played on XP and graphic detail can also be set much higher than it could be on a similar speced machine that was running Vista. The final nail in the coffin is that when the game is played on XP the game now loads much faster too!