Shadow of the Colossus movie planned, people that suck at their jobs involved


Variety report that Shadow of the Colossus, which is one of the most critically applauded games of all time, will be on the way to the big screen. It seems plans are already well under way, with many names already touted for inclusion.

Regretfully, the initial talent involved have arguably not worked on anything good in their career. The movie will be written by Justin Marks. Who? Well, he did the new Street Fighter film about Chun-Li – the one you wish you could forget. The producer is set to be Kevin Misher, who worked on The Interpeter and The Rundown.

Apparently plans are already afoot to turn the film into a Lord of the Rings-style experience. Even going as far as to introduce characters other than the Collusi for Wander (the main protagonist of the game) to fight. Hollywood have already shown they can do solitary, one-man, films well (i.e. Castaway), so why take the easy way out here?

Nothing is set in stone yet though, and people may see sense down the line before production begins in earnest.