Serious Sam 3 “pretty close” to finding publisher


Everything has gotten rather quiet on the Serious Sam III front as of late, with the guys at Croteam not releasing any updates. However, as of today, that has changed, as the team have chosen to speak out about developments on their official site.

In regards to Serious Sam III, Roman Ribaric, CEO at Croteam, comments: “We have also recently started the development on two games, one of which is the next Serious Sam FPS game. Here, we are pretty close in signing the publishing deal, so when that happens, you’ll hear it here as well.

Ribaric goes onto talk about ‘Serious Engine 3’ technology, that will be used to power their upcoming games, which includes a military-shooter title that is currently on hold.

He also remarks that “a lot still has to be done, especially on the next Sam game, we don’t have a firm release date on it yet. When we do, we’ll announce it here on our pages.