SEGA Up To More Monkey Business

SEGA, today announced a giant leap for Monkeykind! Super Monkey Ball Adventure offers an all-new narrative driven and platform based style of gameplay, along with brand new Monkey Ball abilities and a bunch of fresh new characters. The next step in the Monkey Ball series hasn’t forgotten its traditional puzzle-based roots, adding 50 new and original puzzles to this new and exciting gaming experience. Super Monkey Ball Adventure gives a unique look into the crazy world of the Super Monkey Ball gang to entice Monkey fans new and old. Super Monkey Ball Adventure hits the PSP portable entertainment system for the very first time, and on top of the new features, PSP fans have the exclusive opportunity to delve into the history behind the Monkey Ball series, as well as play the new trading card game. Also set for release in Summer 2006 is the Nintendo Gamecube and PlayStation 2 version. An added bonus is that both the PSP and PS2 editions offer players a game sharing option…so now you can play with your Super Monkey sized balls at home or continue on the go!

“Our Monkeys have so much to offer and it’s been wonderful developing this new game for them to cavort in, commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director at SEGA Europe “Super Monkey Ball Adventure is a great mix of the Monkey Ball gameplay we all know and love, added to a huge adventure which I know will appeal to all ages. SEGA and Traveller’s Tales have taken our friends, added loads of new characters and made an entirely new type of game, and one, indeed, to be very proud of.”

Adventurers will discover that in Super Monkey Ball Adventure they can make their balls bigger, better and even more useful thanks to a whole host of new abilities, including sticking to walls, hovering and the ability to become invisible. Super Monkey Ball Adventure also contains fifty new puzzle trays and six new party games to challenge gamers of all ages. Players can select Aiai, Meemee, Gongon, or Baby to adventure their way through five different Monkey Ball Kingdoms to complete quests by solving puzzles. A host of new friends join the team, including Princess Deedee of Monkitropolis and Prince Abeabe of Kongri-la, lovers who are being kept apart by a feud between their kingdoms. The couple elope to Jungle Island where they enlist the help of the Super Monkey Ball gang, to unite the feuding Monkey Kingdoms and defeat the Naysayers who have sucked all the joy from the Monkey Ball world.