Sega Support Revo With 1000 Mega Drive Titles

Mega Drive games will be included on the Revolutions Virtual Console feature. “Sega’s support for Revolution and its download service Virtual Console will make more players to enjoy and try the classic Mega Drive-games and make old brands reach a broader audience.“, says Naoya Tsurumi, VD, SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe, Ltd. ”

He continued, Thanks to Nintendo’s new download service everyone who plays Revolution will be able to download classics games that previously appeared on the Mega Drive. With a game library with over 1000 Mega Drive-titles has Sega very good chances to offer classic top class games to gamers all across the world.

The titles have yet to be confirmed, but there will be over 1,000 “Best of” Genesis titles available, as well as a number of games for NEC and Hudson’s TurboGrafx. The partnerships with Sega and Hudson mean that the classic titles will be available to download for play on the Nintendo Revolution, alongside downloadable Nintendo titles spanning 20 years and three Nintendo consoles.

At his keynote at GDC Iwata added “New is good, but there is also an appetite for old