Sega release screenshots for Sonic Unleashed

After many years in the dumps, almost a decade if you don’t own a handheld, and an atrocious debut on current generation machines Sega has once again released screenshots of a new Sonic game – Sonic Unleashed. They don’t confirm which platforms the new game is for, but from the looks of them we’d say PS3/360. Also, dare we say it the screenshots actually look quite good. Hopefully, more details on the game will be revealed further down the line, hopefully they will impress too, and hopefully none of Sonic’s annoying friends appearance in any of them.

Is it okay to get excited about a Sonic game nowadays ?

sonicunleashed1_news1.jpg sonicunleashed4_news.jpg sonicunleashed5_news.jpg

sonicunleashed3_news.jpg sonicunleashed6_news.jpg sonicunleashed2_news.jpg

sonicunleashed7_news.jpg sonicunleashed8_news.jpg sonicunleashed9_news.jpg

sonicunleashed10_news.jpg sonicunleashed12_news.jpg sonicunleashed11_news.jpg