Sega detail new Wii Sonic game, coming 2009

In the recent issue of Nintendo Power – a long running US based Nintendo centric magazine – a new Sonic game for the Wii was revealed called Sonic and the Black Knight. On the front page of the mag Sonic was shown holding a sword, and this image made the whole Internet cry. Thankfully, Sega has now taken time out to issue a press release to explain a bit about the game and stop wild speculation.

According to the press release the “innovative game” is a direct follow-up to Sonic and the Secret Rings, and will offer Sonic the chance to become a knight. As a knight he will have “a sword to aid in his effort to save the day.” They go onto comment that the game will be played using a “unique Wii control system,” which presumably means something similar Sonic and the Secret Rings. It might also mean the game could opt to use the upcoming Wii motion-plus add-on, but that is not confirmed.

Sega also comment that the game will se Sonic take on a series of missions in “stunning Arthurian-inspired locations” along with an “irresistible cast of characters.” They also revealed that Sonic Team in Japan will be the developers of the game, and it is currently planned for release in Spring 2009.

After the success of Sonic and the Secret Rings we’re delighted to announce a second title in the Storybook Series,” said Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, SEGA Europe, “Following Sonic on his way to knighthood will excite players of all ages.