Sega Confirm Football Manager 2008

You probably expected it anyway, as it has been happing since the beginning of time, but today Sega announced that both the Windows and Mac versions of Football Manager 2008 will be in stores before Christmas. As you’d also expect the latest version of Football Manager will be fully updated for the new season. Sega boast that fan feedback on the previous version of Football Manager was, as always, taken very seriously by the Sports Interactive team, resulting in over a hundred new features, including a brand new advisory system to help new players through the different aspects of the game.

With Football Manager 2008 we’re once again raising the bar in the sports management genre.” commented Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive. “With dozens of new small features and larger things like a complete revamp of international management and the new match flow system, we’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction from people when they get to play it on release.

A few of the big new changes will be Match Flow, an addition that brings more of an atmosphere to match-days with everything seamlessly follow on from one another. The inclusion of fan days, to boost ailing attendances, or for matches that are likely to attract a low crowd and regenerated player photo’s, which will give all game generated players pictures using FaceGen technology to give each player more personality, and also show them grow up as season pass by. Of course, more little tweaks will also be made to the media, finances, awards and crucially the match engine itself.