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Sega brings Rhythm Thief to iOS. Makes countless errors, and pulls game from sale

Sega recently made Rhythm Thief available for iOS.  It was previously a much loved 3DS exclusive before this. The game was available for around $10 and had many In-App-Purchases available. The game also required users to be always online as it ran a data check every few minutes. Other than a small added trading feature – which is new to the iOS release – Rhythm Thief is a single player solo game.

If all that was not enough to cause some anger in the community, the game also ran this warning to alert users of its always online nature.


In what is seemingly an unending  effort to cause ire, a game breaking bug was also on show too. Users who bought the game highlighted that once they finished the tutorial, their devices would get stuck in an infinite loop — alerting the player that there was “new data” available, downloading that data, and then alerting players that new data was once again still available… this would happen infinitely.

After that initial issue, Sega issued a comment. “We are aware that consumers are experiencing issues with Rhythm Thief and our team is working around the clock for a solution,” the statement reads. “Our fans are very important to us and we aim to provide the highest quality experience when playing a SEGA mobile game. Stay tuned for more updates, we are working diligently to fix this issue.

After that statement from the company, Sega went on to pull the game from sale – without further comment.