Sega Bringing Bleach To Wii And DS

Sega have announced that come early 2008 they will be releasing two beat ’em up titles based on the Bleach animated series for the DS and Wii. Both the games will apparently boast relentless action and dazzling swordplay combined with the stylized graphics the show is famous for. Both games will feature characters voiced by the actors from the show.

The Wii game will go by the name Shattered Blade and, as you’d expect, will let gamers wield the Wiimote and Nunchuck to mimic the slashing, jabbing, and lunging of the games weapons. The game boasts an exclusive storyline created for the Wii and 32 characters to choose from. Head-to-head multiplayer is also available. The DS game, Bleach: The Blade of Fate, is similar but features 2D visuals, instead of the 3D ones available on the Wii. The game will use the two screens of the DS to support upper and lower split-plane battle arenas and also boasts wireless battles. Sega also report the game will use Spirit Card Decks to strategically access power-ups and power-downs to aid in battle.