Sega announces “Sega SuperStars” for EyeToy

Sega today announced the development of “Sega SuperStars” for the EyeToy. It will feature a collection of SEGA’s best known properties and is due to be show in playable form at this years E3.

It is being developed by Sega’s Sonic Team, and will let players experience their favorite Sega games in a way they never have before. The EyeToy is expected to bring a new level of interactivity to the company’s core brands such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Samba de Amigo, Virtua Fighter and House of the Dead.

Yuji Naka has commented “EyeToy is a whole new way of interfacing with a game and in this respect, a very interesting proposition for a game developer. I think there are many creative ways we’ll be able to use the camera with great potential for fun. It’s great to have the opportunity to reach a wider audience through a new system like this and I’m really excited to be developing a game like “Sega SuperStars” for EyeToy.”

The game is due for a global release towards late 2004.

[size=8]Samba de Amigo[/size]

[size=8]House of the Dead[/size]

[size=8]Virtua Fighter[/size]

[size=8]Sonic the Hedgehog[/size]