Sega announce Stormrise, a console RTS

In the run up to E3 Sega have announced they will be publishing a RTS that has been solely developed for consoles (360 and PS3) by Creative Assembly. The game will go by the name Stormrise. Creative Assembly are probably best known for their work on the Total War series on PC. They also developed Viking: Battle for Asgard which was released earlier this year, which I though was kinda alright, but Tom hated.

Stormrise is apparently an “immersive” RTS game with a “dramatic twist” that is set on “bleak and barren earth.” Sega comment that the game will see you “leading your troops from the front line, instead of the traditional way of controlling the units from a detached view point.” The game will also let you command troops “in the air, across rooftops, on the earth’s surface and even underground.

The Creative Assembly have proven their general leadership in developing RTS games through the award winning ‘Total War’ series on PC”, commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, SEGA Europe. “However, Stormrise has been built from the ground up specifically for high def consoles to provide a more intense, frenetic style of game that, coupled with the all new control mechanic, will revolutionise the way RTS games are played.”

I guess we’d better stop here, as if we use any more quotation marks in this news item the world will implode on itself