Sega Announce Ghost Squad For Wii

Sega has today revealed they will be porting their arcade title Ghost Squad to Wii. If you are unfamiliar with Ghost Squad it is a lightgun shooter in much the same vein as Time Crisis. The arcade version of the game differs from the light gun norm as it strives to give players an illusion of chose, letting them chose there own path through a level from a selection available. Players are also given the tasks such as defusing bombs and throwing grenades to disable armor in the game. The arcade version also use a model of submachine gun as its primary weapon but it is believed the Wii version will just use the Wiimote as a pointer to shoot.

Sega boast that the Wii will feature four game modes including training, special, multiplayer and arcade. The game will feature 25 different weapons along with secondary fire options seen in the arcade release.