HMV Scrap Dim-Witted £625 PS3 Deal

Almost a week after first announcing it HMV has now been forced to scrap any plans they had for the rather uninspired deal that forced people to buy the PSP as part of a £625 bundle to get they hands on a new PS3. The main reason for scraping the deal was a number of complaints from potential customers arriving in the company’s inbox.

For those not keeping up to date this ‘deal’ would have added an extra £200 to the price of an already expensive Playstation 3. In its original email sent to a “lucky few“, HMV claimed “We’ve been working with Sony to offer up to 5,000 customers an incredible deal when [they] buy the new Sony 4GB PSP. Anyone who takes advantage of this offer will get priority over other customers for the Playstation 3.” This effectively meant that only people who ordered a PSP with the upcoming console would have being guaranteed a PS3 on launch. Thankfully this has all changed now with the company offering PS3’s on a strictly “first come, first served basis.” However priority will still go “to those customers who registered an initial interest to receive PS3 pre-order details once they were confirmed.

To try and clear things up a bit more the company released a statement saying “Now that we’ve been able to confirm our level of PS3 stock with Sony, we’re in a position to revise our original online offer. We will therefore be writing imminently to all the customers who have indicated that they wish to make the dual purchase to advise them that they can now pre-order the PS3 console by itself, if they prefer.