Scientists Have Hacked The One Web Site

“A group of unknown scientists who claim they are from the year 2565, are in search of the One! The [link=http//]The one website[/link] has been “hacked”!

Furthermore, the futuristic navigation is a clear indication that a “hack” has taken place. With exception to the official hacks act, the only known source to state relevance of the One, is, N-Gage. With this is mind, please can this information be distributed to the relevant data sources in aiding the search for the One and to reconfirm the ‘hack'” END OF TRANSMISSION……….? was scheduled to open in April this year but in a strange turn of events, the site was taken over by a third party immediately upon opening, scientists with unknown identities, appear to be a group of researchers from the year 2565, seeking information about a Legendary Fighter. At this time only Nokia is monitoring the situation.

We will keep our eye on how this research evolves since at this stage we feel that the content is quite cool and we want to see what they continue to discover.” – Jussi Solja (Nokia)