SCEE boss explains long wait for Euro games


When quizzed by those wonderful chaps over at Eurogamer about why it takes so bloody long for Europeans to get some games David Reeves has commented that he believes some devs don’t have a big incentive for to work on a game in multiple languages during inital development.

Well some developers would say they can do [translations during initial development]. Talk to Ted Price at Insomniac and he builds it in at the beginning. We’re trying to educate all our developers to do that but it’s something that’s going to take a while,” Reeves told the site.

But even if you talk to Guerrilla, Namco, Square Enix, they all do it in English to begin with and then think about localisation later. You’re absolutely right, we should do it at the beginning. But they look at it like, ‘How much can I get for a Dutch version of the game?