SCEE Announce EyeToy: Monkey Mania

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced the release of the PAL version of EyeToy Monkey Mania, a wacky board game style EyeToy title created by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan with kids in mind.

EyeToy Monkey Mania is touted as an ideal game for kids and and all the family. With board game style play you can spin the roulette wheel and move around the course of Bubble Island encountering penalty squares, traps, bonuses and all manner of unexpected obstacles. The game is full of cheeky monkeys who you must befriend and use as currency, but it’s not always easy as you’ll never know when they’ll strike with their mischievous ways! Some of these squares will lead you to one of 50 fantastic and fun mini games.

By using the EyeToy you and as many as three friends can play games like bomb hockey enable you to smash the puck into your opponents net and knock their monkey characters off their feet!

The mini games can be played either on their own or from within the board game and are full of cheekiness synonymous with these monkeys, the games range from guiding a huge snowball along a mountain path, to running like the wind or jamming with your mates in a music session. You can even encourage your in-game character to eat his bananas in class and risk the wrath of the teacher!

Developed by the team at SCEJ responsible for the phenomenally successful Ape Escape series, EyeToy Monkey Mania embraces all the quirks and traits of the wacky characters and puts a stamp of quality to this, their first EyeToy game.

A beautifully designed title that’s gloriously fun. EyeToy Monkey Mania has bright and colourful graphics, fantastically silly gameplay and is every bit as crazy as kids will want it to be!

Game Overview

How to Play
The player will have to complete three stages (Bubble Island, Slippery Volcano and Rocket City) to reach the final goal. The game is modelled as a board game, where you move forward by turning the roulette that appears on the screen. The spaces that you land on can access any number of things perhaps mini-games or item shops. You will also be able to befriend fellow monkeys. Anything can happen, and the first to overcome all these challenges is the WINNER!

The Object of the Game
The way to win the game is to befriend the little monkeys. As you get more and more of these monkeys, the paths to further stages will open and you will be able to buy traps which could be set for your opponents. You will be able to get these monkeys when you land on a space for a mini-game and you complete it. But remember that the number of monkeys you can get from these games will depend on how well you complete them! And watch out for the Skull and Cross Bones mini-game – if you don’t clear this round, you can actually lose your monkey friends. Take a look at Bubble Island

Thwart your opponents by using the Traps
On certain spaces, you will be able to access the Item Shop where you will be able to exchange your monkeys for traps. Use these traps to baffle your opponents but beware – you may not be able to get these items so easily. There are many other traps and items that you can get, like the Home Run Bat, the Fire Extinguisher and Ballet Shoes!

50 Mini Games!
There are 50 mini-games too, which form a part of the board game but you can play also them on their own. These mini games are

Simian Stylist
Crash and Burn!
Hockey Havoc
Rolling Snowball
Buoyant Balloon
Jam Session
Down the Chute
Footprint Patrol
Endangered Species
Balloon Battle
Hide The Banana!
Peekaboo Pipo
Push and Shove
Barbells for Life
Monkeys at Work
Monkey Jumper
Bananas or Bust
Home Run
Smack the Monkey
The Great Ape Escape
Pant Puller
Ice Crusher
Scratch Silly
Coffee Carousel
Who Doesn’t Belong?
Karate Master
Card Flinger
Ten Pin King
Bomb Hockey
Jam Session 2
Exploding Pant Challenge
Bust Out
Bust Out 2
Sillier Scratching
Crash and Burn 2
Crash and Cone
Snowball Long Haul
Rolling Stone
Buoyant Balloon 2
Deep-sea Diver
Balloons and Spikes
Column Jumper
Hop Skip Jump
Look Out Batter!
Fierce Tops
Who Doesn’t Belong? 2
Ninja Monkeys
Target Bowler
MORE Bananas or Bust!
Run like the Wind