Satoru Iwata Talks Revolution

Speaking to German site Spiegel Satoru Iwata had some interested comments to say about the upcoming revolution. If you want to read the full interview and can read the German language to a good extent then head over here. If you are not bi-lingual then here are some choice titbits from the interview translated and presented to you in list form. Thanks to “thegodsend” of Gaming Age Forums for the translation

– Iwata stressed that non-gamers need a controller in the shape of something familiar like a TV remote and a controller they can use with just one hand. It’s easier for them to pick this new controller up and start playing just pointing at the TV.

– He commented that existing games and genres feel and play better with the new controller and “nunchaku”-expansion

– He knows that many people are concerned how existing genres can be brought over to this controller and if there will be enough support from multiplatform developers. But he thinks that the new controller offers so much potential that everyone will be interested in doing games for it.

– Regarding ports Nintendo itself is looking at the key games on the market and talking to the publishers, bringing up new ideas for their key games that they can use with the new controller. They already started to talk to developers about their key games. Iwata says that most developers are really interested in doing some fresh things with it even in existing games after Nintendo explained the possibilities.

– Of course Nintendo knows that graphics and online gaming are important for gamers. And it’s a matter of course to fulfil the wishes of the gamers.

– Iwata also thinks that non-gamers don’t care about the best visuals. In his opinion Nintendo has to explain why video games are fun – that’s the main reason why they came up with the new controller. Non-gamers should have the feelings “I can do it!” “It looks fun” “It looks easy” “It interests me” “I’ll pick it up and give it a try”.

– Iwata talks about a dynamic price range for games on Revolution, like with Nintendo DS. Full price for something like Zelda, inexpensive prices for small and easy accessible games.

– Nintendo has thought about adding multimedia functions to revolution and they will use the DVD tray, the online capabilities and the internal flash ram for some things. He stressed that the most important thing is to have a video game console that promises instant fun. If gaming is no fun, no one would buy a video game console, not even for multimedia functions.

– Finally Iwata said he asked Miyamoto to do a new Mario game for the Revolution launch but didn’t get any feedback from him yet. “Maybe he will give the answer in another interview with you!” He thinks as a gamer that Nintendo needs a new Mario at launch.

Source Spiegel