Rumour: San Andreas To Have Co-op Mode?

As the hours roll on to the day of its release speculation is intense of many of the hidden features and extras Rockstar will choose to include in it long awaited game. A recent rumor that has reared it head is one that may seem far-fetched to be real, but is it true?

They have been many unconfirmed rumors doing the rounds lately; rumors that range from how many songs will be in the final soundtrack of the game to how many haircuts/tattoos/clothes will be available for good ole’ CJ to wear. It seems everyone has an opinion on everything and even worse everyone believe their opinion is correct.

The most recent of the rumors to surface is probably the most exciting one since the game was first announced. These rumors strongly suggest that GTA San Andreas will feature a two-player mode. Although the GTA series has had a two player modes before, in its top down incarnations of old if this rumor was true it would be the first time that its big 3D brother would have taken a steep in that direction.

It is still unknown what kind 2 player mode will be included, if it is to be included at all. Maybe it will be a separate 2player Vs. mode that you can battle in with you mates or maybe, just maybe a Rockstar have be hiding something very special, could San Andreas have a full 2 player co-op story mode?

Rockstar would not comment on the matter when questioned. No outright yes or no answer was given! Why would they let the rumor grow if they could have stopped it their and then?

We will of course update you with any news concerning the matter once it is made available to us. Stay tuned!!