Samurai Warriors Slashes On To PSP

Koei Ltd. today announced plans to release Samurai Warriors State of War on PSP. The Samurai Warriors games have already appeared on PS2 and Xbox, and following in the footsteps of the Dynasty Warriors series they have thrilled gamers across the globe with their spectacular battles and explosive action. This move onto the Sony PSP will enable gamers to experience Samurai Warriors’ frenzied action on the move and against friends. Samurai Warriors State of War is scheduled for release in Europe on March 24th 2006.

Samurai Warriors State of War for PSP is a tactical action game set in the turbulent times of civil war Japan. Players will get to take control of famous military commanders and other legendary characters, and engage in a multitude of battles in a dramatically unfolding war.From the thrill of carving your way through a flood of enemy soldiers to the stunning dramatic scenes, all the best-loved features from the acclaimed PS2 version make their triumphant return. And with the inclusion of new features such as the Battlefield Area System, which adds new strategic gameplay ideal for portable gaming, and full screen action, this is everything fans of the game could wish for in their pocket. Samurai Warriors State of War is sure to enthrall you, whether you’re a battle-hardened veteran of Samurai Warriors and Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends, or if this is your first time to experience the drama and intensity of samurai-era Japan.

Exclusive PSP Features

1. All-New Story System

Samurai Warriors State of War offers an all-new story structure that lets you align your characters with a specific army corps. Select a corps for your character, and guide them through a series of tactical and action stages. Once that particular story reaches its conclusion, you will get an ending, and then have the chance to take the same character down a different story path. There are six playable characters at the start, with many more characters and story paths to unlock.

2. New, More Powerful Bodyguard System

In this game, the player is joined on the battlefield by an extremely capable “second in command” bodyguard. There are 200 of these bodyguards to choose from, and in addition to fighting along side you, they will raise your stats and offer other benefits. As your bodyguards grow, they will become true partners in battle, and be able to perform some PSP-exclusive actions!

3. Short-Term and Long-Term Play Options

Samurai Warriors State of War’s “Battlefield Area System” divides the battlefield into smaller, strategic sections, making the game perfect for quick, portable play. In addition, there are many long-term elements that will keep you coming back for more, such as the raising of character and equipment stats.

4. Wireless Multiplayer Support

By popular demand, competitive multiplayer combat is available, with support for up to four players. This competitive mode offers quick gameplay over a variety of stages, and there are additional items that can be gained in this mode as well.