Sam & Max Episode 4 Announced

Following Sam & Max season 2 like we sorta are? Well, if so then you should be interested to hear the latest episode – number of 4 of 6 – has now been unveiled. It goes by the clever name Sam & Max: Chariots of the Dogs. If you have been following like we sorta are then you should know that Bosco’s vanished from the face of the Earth at the end of the last episode, which was sorta scary. In the upcoming episode the reason for this disappearing act is likely to be revealed, along with my more questions been asked of player.

Just like all the other episodes of the season Chariots of the Dogs will debut first to GameTap subscribers on March 13, and will release to all others a day later from on March 14. Still interested like we sorta are? Then you can head over to that same website where a trailer for the episode is playing right now,