Sam And Max On The Way To XBLA?

Even though Sam & Max are now having a great time on GameTap it seems they want to expand onto consoles. The console they have set their hearts on seems to be the 360 and they soon might appear as a download on XBLA – at least that is a job advert that has appeared on Telltales site looking for a Xbox360 programmer. The advert does not directly name the game as Sam & Max but it seems certain that it would be the title they are looking for help on.

A Telltale spokesperson responded to questions about the advert saying “We can confirm that we’re hiring an Xbox 360 programmer, although we do not have any official Xbox project announcements to share right now. Telltale is continually evaluating new platforms – not only for Sam & Max but for other projects we have in the works. We’re huge supporters of digitally distributing episodic content, and this has been working very well for our current Sam & Max series on the PC. For a potential Sam & Max Xbox project, we’d certainly look closely at a downloadable digital solution like the Live Arcade.