Sacred 2 Collectors Edition for PS3 and 360


Ascaron and Deep Silver have announced they will be releasing a Collectors Edition version of Sacred 2 for PS3 and 360 when the game hits retail – that date is still set for the rather vague Q2 2009 time frame. The game has been available for PC since October 2008.

In the collectors edition, as well as a copy of Sacred 2, there will be an art book with numerous illustrations from the games universe, a seraphim miniature (I have always wanted one of those!), a double-sided 50×50 cm poster of Ancaria – where game’s set – and a soundtrack CD with some of the game’s music contained on it. Photo are below if you want to take a gander.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an Action RPG, and has a bit in common with the Diablo series in terms of playstyle. The PC version is currently sitting around the 70 mark on Metacritic.

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