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Rusty Linguistics: A Summary Of The Latest Japanese Nintendo Direct, Direct To You

Nintendo held a impromptu Nintendo Direct over the weekend. This one was a Japanese only event with Shigeki Morimoto helming the event this time – as Satoru Iwata was chillin’ at home with some Goombas. As you would expect for a Japan-only Direct, the show mostly focused on details that matter only to that region. Nevertheless, there was still some interesting stuff in there… if I had understood everything maybe I would be more excited.

We Start with Dragon Quest

The event began by showing video footage of Dragon Quest 8 on 3DS – which was already announced a while back if you are paying attention. It is a remake of the well received Level 5 joint that came out on PS2 back in 2004 (in Japan), and was brought to Europe later on (in 2006). It was home to some truly fantastically British tinted voice over localization. The remake will feature new content – which means new voice work. Hopefully that work does not take a year and a half to get over this side of the world like last time. This section of the Direct closed by revealing the game would arrive in Japan on August 27 2015.

Something About Robots

To be honest, I know a bit about the Super Robot Wars franchise, but what happened in this trailer will forever be a mystery to me. I will not analyse it, I will instead watch it again and again and wonder.

Fire Emblem If “My Castle” Mode Showcased

The new, soon to be released Fire Emblem (which has still no confirmed date outside Japan), was shown next. What was shown mostly focused on the games My Castle mode, which lets players create their own unique villages within the game. The mode is Amiibo compatible , so if you have one of the Fire Emblem related ones – Marth, Ike, Robin, and Lucina – you can interact with them. The mode also lets characters developed bonds with each other, and is also online enabled.

And Then… a 3DS Info Dump

Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus was shown for a few seconds – and that will hit Japan on June 11 on 3DS. There is a preload option available now for those that want to buy/download ahead of time. There is still no Euro/US date for this greatness, and that makes everyone outside Japan sad.

Design Your World – Animal Crossing: New Leaf was shown next. We already knew about this, as it was shown on the last Worldwide Direct. The best news to come out of this new showcase, is that a brand new 3DS XL (LL in Japan), with Animal Crossing nonsense/loveliness emblazoned all over it, is coming alongside the game. There are regular 3DS Cover Plates on the way as well – if you chose to embrace the smaller 3DS platform. Look at them!


Next up was Famicom Remix 3DS. There is not much to say about this, as it seems to be exactly the same game as Ultimate NES Remix that was released in the west in 2014.

Lastly on this quick burst of info was Dr. Mario Gyakuten! Tokkouyaku & Saikin Bokumetsu. In other words, this is three different “Dr Mario” style games in one package – Dr Mario, Dr Luigi and a touch based variant. It is already out on the Japanese eShop!

Then Chibi Robo went 2D

Chibi Robo then made a reappearance, and he brought an Amiibo with him. as you can see in the video below, the little guy has gone 2D this time – which will not please everyone. Nevertheless, the game still looks good fun.

I really think the Chibi Robo theme (in the video above) sounds like a hyped up dance remix of the theme from This Morning… maybe that is just me.

Mario & Sonic Back Together in Rio

There was also a short update to show Wii Virtual Console on Wii U. Not much to say here, as the lineup of games for different region differs greatly, but it seems Japan is getting Trauma Team (Trauma Centre) for download at some point – so that means US/Europe might get it soon too!

Yoshi Is Still As Cuddly As Ever


Yoshi’s Woolly World was shown next, and the world was a happier place. Not much new was shown, just repeats of everything we already knew, and reconfirmation that the game will be VERY Amiibo compatible. A July 16 release was revealed for Japan, which means Euro/Australia is now confirmed to be the first regions to get the game. The US is still set for an unspecified date in September – poor them.

More Free To Play is Coming

First footage of the upcoming Namco Bandai Wii U exclusive was next – Project Treasure. This was already announced a while back as a Free to Play game. The trailer did not give much new info we did not already know – so lets regurgitate old info then!

Project Treasure is a four-player cooperative third-person action game, in which players find themselves in ancient tombs filled with treasure and monsters. You battle the monsters, you get the treasure – simple. Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada is the lead of the project – although there looks to be no fisticuffs involved in this one. There is a rocket launcher though.

Monster Hunter Section!

It seems that two new Monster Hunter games are coming. That news came from nowhere. First off, From Software are working with Capcom on a game called Monster Hunter Airou DX for the 3DS. A matchup between From Software and Monster Hunter is a matchmade in heaven, but the game does not look like you expect it to. Actually, it looks very cute – and a bit like Animal Crossing.

From Software can do cute looking games well though – remember Kuri Kuri Mix (The Adventures of Cookie & Cream) on PS2? So do not despair. If you do not believe me, put aside around £5, and get Kuri Kuri Mix from eBay as soon as you can. You will enjoy it more than you think. Monster Hunter Airou DX is set for September 10 in Japan – but feck knows if such a thing will ever make it’s way out of Japan

Then came Monster Hunter X (that’s “Cross”, not “X”, and certainly not 10) – which is coming to 3DS

As I already told everyone, even though I now really like Monster Hunter, too much Monster Hunter happens in the video for me to make sense of it all. It does seem very exciting though.

…and then the Direct was over.