Full Rundown From Nintendo’s Latest Conference

Not many people will have known and even less were expecting it but Nintendo held a relatively low key Conference in Japan today where they talked about Wii and DS and sparingly offered a few bits of information on what gamers should expect in the coming months on each platform. The items talked about were:

– Shigeru Miyamoto announced he was at the helm of a new IP the company has begin developing. The game (non-game) is called ‘Health Pack” which will debut on the Wii at an unannounced date, it is believed the IP will some how allow for users to perform Family Health Checks (I don’t know how though)

– Next up was the announcement to a squeal to Cooking Navi for DS, which went down a storm in Japan selling over 500,000 units. The follow-up will be called “DS Menu Collection” and will have 1,000 recipes included on the one cart. It was also announced that the game will be bundled with a magnetic stand that attaches to your fridge, to keep were DS save from water and flames. The game will also be Wi-Fi compatible!

– Wii Compact Software line was announced from Spring 2007. It is unknown what exactly Nintendo mean by this but some people believe it will be a XBLA like service via Virtual Console where gamers can download new.

– Nintendo also revealed they plan to have 18 Wii games on Japanese shelves before the end of 2006.

– Nintendo also announced they will mirror the successful strategy taken with the DS marketing and hope the Wii will be just as successful

– Big Brain Academy will be a Spring 2007 release;

– Including titles from the Mega Drive and PC Engine, there will be about 60 Virtual Console games launched in Japan before the end of 2006;

– Japan will see The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on GameCube released ONLY online.

The end of the conference was devoted to the pricing of accessories and other items

Wii Points Prepaid Card Details

– 1,000Yen = 1,000 Wii points
– 3,000Yen = 3,000 Wii points
– 5,000Yen = 5,000 Wii points + classic Controller

Other Pricing Details

– Power brick = 3,000Yen
– Composite cable = 1,000Yen
– S-Video = 2,500Yen
– D terminal = 2,500Yen
– Component cable = 2,500Yen
– 512MB SD Card = 3,800Yen
– Wired LAN Adapter = 2,800Yen