Rumoured Resident Evil 4 details

Leon is main character in the game but there also will be 4 character from former RE games that could be playable at some point during the game.

You can pull your handgun while walking and also put back.

Leon can hold one weapon in each hand, and it is believed they can be fired independently.

Zombies will not only see you but also hear and even smell you… if you take damage you bleed, and the more you’re hurt the more you bleed, then the more they can smell (detect) you, and also hunt you down based on that scent unless you bandage yourself up.

Zombies can climb through windows.

You can barricade doors so zombies can’t breakthrough

If you shoot in a room or corridor, zombies in the adjoining rooms can hear the shooting and follow it.

Zombies will have several hit zones.

The weapons shown were a knife, handgun, assault rifle and Molotov-Cocktail.

You can change between 2 perspectives when aiming with the handgun.

The blue shadow ghosts (airborne virus) shown in the E3 build cannot be killed. They can interact with the environment and bring things like the seen dolls, dead animals (deer heads) to life.

The tagline of the game is set to be “Everything will attack you!”