Rumour: Revolution LoZ:TP Control?

The latest issue of British NGC magazine reported that the reason that Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess was delayed for control using the Nintendo Revolution’s unique controller. Apparently the game will distinguish whether it is in the Cube of Revolution and if in the latter, will bring up a choice of control.

This clever strategy will allow for the title to gain the audience it deserves considering the GCN’s upcoming departure into past-console territory. It will allow players who didn’t purchase a Gamecube to play the title on the Revolution.

Despite an announced Revolution Zelda being released and in development, there has been no announcement on whether or not this snippet of information is actually the Revolution’s Zelda. Furthermore, how the Revolution’s controller is to be utilised in the title is unannounced.

The obvious fan-favourite would be the swinging of the controller to move the sword – this option would bring those who dislike the old control method closer to the popular franchise while keeping those who preferred the older control style happy as they can retain the old style with their Gamecube controllers or the Revolution controller shell. Another possibility would be that the game can simply be played using either controller without any extra features (the sword-swinging action).