Rumble Enabled Sixaxis In New PS3 Bundle?

Sony has just released the first picture of the new 80GB PS3 bundle, which was announced earlier today. While the box itself is not much to look at, and in all honesty looks a bit tacky when compared to the slick all-black of the original box, the bottom right corner seems to have a surprise in store. While at first glance the controler on show may look like a normal Sixaxis but a second look shows that the PS Button now boasts a lovely red light.

Now, while the appearance of a simple light does not officially confirm that the the Sixaxis will rumble, it does hint that Sony have upgraded the peripheral and, if you think about it, what else could they add other than the rumble everyone has been so uppity about over the course of the last year?

Check it out for yourself, we even did a nice zoomed in shot so you dont have to hurt your eyes.