RTS Pioneer To Speak In Leipzig

It has been revelaed that in his keynote speech at this year’s GCDC, Louis Castle, Vice President of Creative Development at Electronic Arts, will address the topic of “Interface design for console real-time strategy games.” A pioneer of the RTS genre and creator of the highly-successful Command and Conquer games, Castle developed the first RTS franchises in the game industry. In 1999, he was awarded the Game Developer Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions.

In 1985, together with Brett Sperry, Louis Castle founded Westwood Studios, one of the most successful companies in the industry. As executive producer, creative producer, technical director and programmer, he was involved in the development of over 100 games. Castle is currently intensively involved with the development of RTS titles at EA, as well as future technologies for the genre. One of his projects is the first RTS game for the Xbox 360.

Another speaker at GCDC in Leipzig is Timothy Gerritsen, CEO of Human Head Studios. His presentation will deal with the mammoth project PREY, in a session entitled, “The Project That Would Not Die.” Insight will be provided into the different phases of development. He will address the following question: Was PREY an example for the harmonious blending of creativity and cost analysis or was it a unique project that should never be repeated?