Rose McGowan and others confirmed for Terminator game


IncGamers report that Rose McGowan has signed to the voice-acting cast of Terminator: Salvation. She is in no way connected with the film of the same name, so her character, Angie Salter, a former elementary school teacher, will be exclusive to the game. Moon Bloodgood, who was part of the main cast of the short lived show Jourenyman, will also take part in the game.

There are guys in it too, with Common, a guy with a singular name who used to be a rapper, reprising his role from the film to appear as an in-game character. No word on Christian Bale as of yet. We’d ask him, but we are afraid he’ll rip our fucking lights down.

So, there you have it. Not the greatest news in the world, but at least it gave us an excuse to post a lovely photo of Rose McGowan. And we got in a Christian Bale joke to. We are awesome!