Rolando gets five new levels for free


If you’ve visited the App Store today then you may have noticed that there is a free update available for Rolando that adds five new ‘Secret’ levels. The first level is unlocked when you complete the first world of the game’s current story, and the rest are unlocked as you complete them in sequence.

This update also includes enhancements to Rolando’s physics and rendering, as well as adding a handy Text Speed option to allow you to control the pace of the game’s dialouge.

Rolando is now available for £2.99 (and is well worth it). According to a recent Daily Mail story over 700,000 people have paid for the game. As Apple takes a 30% cut of sales from the App Store, the publishers ngmoco won’t be the only ones happy with this result.

The Daily Mail article also mentions that a sequel to Rolando is in the works. We’ll bring you more details as soon as they’re made available.