Rock Band 2 dated for Playstaions and Wii, instruments prices cut

EA, Harmonix and MTV have announced that Rock Band 2 will finally be on the way to PS2, Wii and PS3 very soon. PS3 and PS2 will get it on 27th March, while those wanting a Wii version will have to wait for it to be be released on 24th April. The pricing is £49.99 on PS3, £39.99 on Wii, and £29.99 on PS2.

New pricing was also announced for the instruments, although the press release to accompany the announcement makes it unclear if we will see the new second generation versions of the instruments released over here. Standalone drums will now cost £49.99, guitars will be £39.99, and the band in a box set, which includes both of those, and a mic will be £89.99.