Ridge Racer 6 Races To Gold

Namco, today announced Ridge Racer 6 has gone gold for the Xbox 360. A true next-generation video game experience, Ridge Racer 6 lets players race across stunning high-definition locales through an in-depth single player World Xplorer mode and compete online for the first time in the history of the Ridge Racer series. Ridge Racer 6 will be available for the launch of the Xbox 360 in America, Japan and shortly after the 2nd of December in Europe..

Developed for the Xbox 360, Ridge Racer 6 takes advantage of the system’s power to deliver the most intense and immersive drift racing experience yet, with an unprecedented sense of speed, slick graphics and more than 130 cars that let players enjoy every hairpin drift and high-speed straightaway like never before. Players can compete in the game’s World Xplorer mode, entering races to unlock new cars, prizes, and brand new routes. By performing successful high-speed drifts, players will fill up their Nitrous Gauge to unleash a powerful burst of speed to pass opponents and secure victory. “Ridge Racer 6” evolves the nitrous system even further, allowing players to build up their Nitrous Gauge for even more explosive double and triple boosts of speed resulting in more exhilaration and enjoyment in negotiating courses.

For the first time in the history of the series, Ridge Racer 6 lets players drift online against up to 14 gearheads from around the world on Xbox Live. Players can choose to compete in a number of different online modes including Online Battle Mode or view live online races from the sidelines in Spectator Mode. For ultimate bragging rights, the best times for individual courses achieved in Global Time Attack Mode can be uploaded to Xbox Live, where ghost car data can also be downloaded to provide world class challenges for “Ridge Racer” fans.

“Players looking for a game to showcase the raw power and gaming functionality of their brand new Xbox 360 should look no further than Ridge Racer 6. Ridge Racer 6 marks the beginning of the next generation of racing games with vivid graphics, all-new gameplay features and outstanding support for the online community.” said Yoshi Niki, Business Unit Director with Namco

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