Ricky Gervais to make GTA IV appearance


Info has emerged that Ricky Gervais will be making an appearance in GTA IV. Interestingly, he won’t be playing a character in the game, and will instead play himself, performing a stand-up routine in one of the Comedy Club located in Liberty City that you can frequent throughout the course of your time with the title. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Gervais has written and preformed new material to be used exclusively in the game, so if you’ve already heard all his other stand up stuff you’ll now have something new to laugh at.

Recent rumours have hinted that other real world people could be making an appearance throughout the course of the game as well, although Gervais remains the only one confirmed as of yet. However, it should be noted that his appearance does give credence that other will appear too.

Oh, and no, we don’t know if you can shoot him. Sorry.