Rice Digital – the dedicated Japanese indie gaming portal is now open

If you are interested in scoping out indie games from the land of the rising sun, then Zen United (publisher of BlazBlue in the UK) and PQube are certainly going to make you happy with the announcement of Rice Digital – the dedicated website for Japanese indie and doujin games.

The Japanese indie games scene is one of the most misunderstood in gaming – with a belief that it’s either non-existent, or focused predominantly on adult content”. Explains Geraint Evans, Director of Zen United. “The Japanese doujin scene is thriving and is a hotbed of quality titles. Our aim is to highlight what’s out there and to create an entertaining and informative gateway to make these great games more accessible”.

Rice Digital will focus on bringing the latest news from the Japanese indie scene as well
as carefully selecting the finest games and making them available for purchase via the Rice Digital store. Right now, there are eight fully localised titles from doujin publisher Nyu Media Ltd on the store.

  • Ether Vapor Remaster – Stunning perspective-shifting 3D shooter from Edelweiss, one of the finest doujin developers working today.
  • Cherry Tree High – A high-school drama where you have to form a comedy club – a charming sprite-based adventure with unique social-link gameplay.
  • eXceed Collection – The renowned series of Bullet Hell shooters, including Gun Bullet Children, 2 nd Vampire Rex and Jade Penetrate Black Package. Also available individually.
  • Fairy Blood Freesia – An innovative, visually spectacular fighter with superb mechanics – including the ability to level up and customise your character’s move set.
  • Satazius – Retro arcade shooting action, polished to a shine and featuring great weapon customisation. Gradius fans will be in heaven with this one.
  • Eryi’s Action – The cute platformer with a vindictive dark side. Turning classic platforming stereotypes and tropes on their head, this is a challenge like no other.
Head over to http://www.ricedigital.co.uk to check out these titles and more.