Rez HD’s 800MP Release Getting Closer

It would not be to wild of a statement to say that Rez HD could very well be one of the most awaited XBLA games since the service launch, so it is great to hear its release date is getting closer with every day that passes – although still sadly not full announced as of yet.

However there is a bit of new news, with the latest scribe worthy comments imitating from Q Entertainment been that the game will be out in “only a few weeks“. That’s not all though, as Joystiq – in their infinite wisdom – have also revealed that the game will cost 800 Points (£6.80/€9.30) on arrival – which goes some way to writing the stupidly wrong stupidity of Lumines Live been 1200 points upon its release.

So, shove a vibrating controller down your pants and celebrate now. Then shove three more down there when the game come out, as it has been confirmed it will support that, erm, that additional extra!