Rez Coming To XBLA

People who don’t suffer from photosensitive epilepsy may now start rejoicing as it has been revealed that Rez will be making its way to the 360 as a XBLA release. However, no details are known about the game yet, if it will be a brand new game or maybe a remake of the old one. Also, no details are available on how far the game is into development.

The announcement of the game could also be one of most discreet ever as the news was revealed at the very end of a update over on James Mielke’s 1UP blog where he commented that the much loved Dreamcast (oh, and PS2) on-rails shooter Rez will be making its way to XBLA sometime in the future.

Upon its release back in 2002 on both of those consoles the game was critically acclaimed by many but unfortunateatly did not see any kind of commercial success at retail. Hopefully the cheaper and easier to get download release of the game will open up its psychedelic, abstract greatness to a brand new audience.