Revolution Stand = Revolution Power Supply

The very first issue of the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine hit magazine stands this morning and while there wasn’t any significant new Revolution info revealed, as initially expected, there was a tiny piece of information that hadn’t been known previously… the console’s stand will also act as its power supply.

The magazine didn’t go in-depth as how exactly this vertical stand would act as a power supply but it’s still an interesting detail because it sure beats having that brick of a power supply that comes with the Xbox 360. However, one has to question if the stand will still be used as the console’s power supply when detached, if owners of the console want to lay their consoles horizontally. Will a more traditional power supply adaptor be available as well, or is there some other method?

However, it should be mentioned that leaked drawings of the Nintendo Revolution hardware do not necessarily support this report regarding the stand also acting as the console’s power supply. So, with this said, the information coming from the magazine could even possibly be false. We’ll have to wait and see some sort of official announcement from Nintendo to know the truth.

Source GamersMark